• Opening up New Opportunities UNI-POWDER at ICI 2024 to Embracing Indonesia’s Beauty Boom

Opening up New Opportunities UNI-POWDER at ICI 2024 to Embracing Indonesia’s Beauty Boom

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Opening up New Opportunities
UNI-POWDER at ICI 2024 to Embracing Indonesia's Beauty Boom

The Indonesia Cosmetic Ingredients (ICI) 2024 was held in Jakarta from May 29th to 31st.

Driven by Indonesia's economy's steady growth and digitalization, the country's beauty market keeps rising. According to data from Shopee, personal care and cosmetics products occupy third place among the best-selling products in Indonesia. Moreover, consumers’ demand for functional, high-quality, and innovative beauty products is increasing daily, bringing new challenges and opportunities to the beauty industry.

The Indonesia Cosmetic Ingredients Exhibition (ICI) is a national-level cosmetics raw materials exhibition that integrates seminars and exhibitions. It brings together new achievements from local and global suppliers in Indonesia and provides an excellent interactive communication platform for the cosmetics industry.

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Indonesia's climate is mainly hot and humid, with rainfall occurring primarily in low-lying areas. During the exhibition, UNI-POWDER's mineral sunscreen series attracted considerable attention. Additionally, in alignment with the "Skinification" trend in makeup, the newly introduced Bloom series powder combines skincare and makeup, offering consumers an innovative skin-caring base makeup experience. The audience was pleasantly surprised by the latest application of this powder, the Bloom Water-Fresh Foundation.

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During the exhibition, we sensed significant technological advancements and the growing popularity of beauty product knowledge. We could also feel customers' enthusiasm for innovative raw materials and technologies. We understand that innovation is crucial for driving progress in the industry. UNI-POWDER is always committed to the research, development, and innovation of high-performance raw materials to meet the evolving needs of the market and consumers.

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In the future, UNI-POWDER will continue to explore the Indonesian beauty market deeply and collaborate with partners to seek new development opportunities. We are committed to bringing more innovative, high-quality products and services to the beauty industry with an open mind and a spirit of excellence.

Post time: Jun-21-2024

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