• TMS Series Wins 2024 Trendy Ingredient Award, a New Choice for Long-Lasting Makeup

TMS Series Wins 2024 Trendy Ingredient Award, a New Choice for Long-Lasting Makeup

Recently, the UNI-POWDER magic long-lasting makeup powder(TMS series)has successfully won the "2024 Trending Ingredient" award at the 2024 China Good Product Awards!

Unlock long-lasting makeup - triumph from the start!

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In the cosmetics industry, the quality and effectiveness of cosmetics depend fundamentally on high-quality ingredients, which are equivalent to "chips".

As per Mintel's 2024 report, "China Beauty & Personal Care Innovation Chart: Facial Makeup Base," consumers are becoming more demanding when it comes to makeup-based products. In particular, the long-lasting, light wear, and strong concealing effects of the makeup base are the top 3 considerations for consumers when purchasing. The report also reveals that consumers are concerned about the crease easily, easy to oxidize or turning darker.

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To address these issues, UNI-POWDER has introduced a novel solution: the magic long-lasting makeup powder(TMS series); the Chinese name is inspired by “velcro “strong adhesion, to design a super grip effect makeup powder. Not fear of taking off makeup. 

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Unique bidirectional adsorption technology, achieving powder film cross-linking, developing long-lasting makeup

Typical powder and film-forming agents often clump together or scatter unevenly in cosmetic formulations, which can hinder their effectiveness. However, the TMS series pigment uses intermolecular forces to bond with the powder surface, resulting in strong adhesion to both the skin and the powder. This ensures that the makeup is evenly distributed, promotes cross-linking of the powder film, and creates a waterproof and sweat-resistant product that lasts all day.

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Reduce costs without compromising quality, while improving skin feel and film-forming effects.

In the development of base makeup products, film-forming agents play a crucial role in enhancing the durability and adherence of makeup. However, excessive film-forming agents can lead to heavy, suffocating makeup and even cause skin discomfort.

Due to the formation of powder film cross-linking, the TMS series pigment significantly improves the film-forming effect of the formula, thereby reducing the amount of film-forming agents required. This provides greater flexibility and space in formula design and also results in a more refreshing skin feel when the product is used, achieving the ideal effect of "reducing costs without compromising on quality."

In the cosmetics industry, every detail is crucial to a product's overall quality and user experience. As a high-quality cosmetic powder ingredient, the TMS series pigment endows products with unique properties through unique bidirectional adsorption technology. We look forward to the TMS series’ continued outstanding performance in the beauty market, bringing consumers an even more perfect makeup experience.

Post time: May-11-2024

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