• UNI-POWDER Debut at in-cosmetics® global2024, empower the trends of clean beauty

UNI-POWDER Debut at in-cosmetics® global2024, empower the trends of clean beauty

Uni-powder debuted at in-cosmetics® Global in Paris, the world’s leading fair for personal care ingredients. The corporation showcased solutions for natural, skin-friendly, and clean beauty color gadgets. We continued introducing new products in surface treatment and functional ingredients and empowered industry advancement through innovative powder materials.


Change and Innovation

With consumers' increasing enthusiasm for clean beauty and natural products, UNI-POWDER actively responds to market changes by introducing new products using natural ingredients as surface treatments to promote the development of skin-friendly products.

"Bloom Series Powder" has become one of the most attention-grabbing products. Its treatment agent uses dual green skincare ingredients derived from plants or fermentation products, with ISO 16128 natural origin indexes at 1 and COSMOS certification. Furthermore, in the production process, we have avoided using large amounts of solvents and waste to meet the high-quality and sustainable development needs of both the Chinese and overseas markets.

"Bloom Series Powder"

Surface treatment agent: Ceramide NP & Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil

Key Benefits

Skin-caring makeup powder with a moisturizing and soothing function

For a glow with hydration, with a natural, healthy look

Excellent dispersibility, good stability

Recommended application development in the foundation, powder, loose powder, makeup primer, etc.


Technology Driving Personalized Demands

The cosmetics industry is facing a significant challenge as a result of the growing demand for personalized products, which often require specific color shades. To meet this demand, UNI-POWDER has developed a patented Precision Color Difference Control Technology that simplifies production processes, increases efficiency, and ensures consistent quality in each batch of cosmetics. This technology allows brands to offer consumers a wider range of precise and diverse color choices, thereby meeting their expectations for personalized beauty products.


UNI-POWDER is dedicated to pioneering powder materials, empowering brands from the fundamentals, and offering comprehensive solutions to revolutionize the industry and create groundbreaking products. During this exhibition, the UNI-POWDER team witnessed first-hand the excitement of European beauty customers for innovative technology and materials. UNI-POWDER is excited about collaborating with partners from various regions to deliver higher-quality products and services to consumers across the globe.

Post time: May-09-2024

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