• UNI-POWDER wins the 2020 Ringier Technology Innovation Award

UNI-POWDER wins the 2020 Ringier Technology Innovation Award

On the afternoon of July 21, 2020, the Jung Technology Innovation Award ceremony was held at the Shanghai Baohua Marriott Hotel. The expert jury lasted for several months and competed for 60 outstanding companies in the field of brand innovation technology, functional ingredients, production and processing, packaging and testing to win this honor. This is also one of the most professional and influential chemical industry authoritative awards in China every year.

Trulybright launched by UNI-POWDER this year ™ The series of color lake slurries has won the Technical Innovation Award for Functional Ingredients!

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The marketing manager takes the stage to receive the award and delivers an acceptance speech 


This year is also the 10th anniversary of the establishment of UNI-POWDER. From the beginning, we not only wanted to be a supplier of cosmetic ingredients. Since ancient times, there has been "rouge powder", and we believe that powder is the soul of cosmetics. From mental techniques to techniques, showcasing the ultimate beauty of powder through repeated trials and tribulations.

The "precision color difference control technology" has always been highly praised by industry insiders. "Dazzling Colorful Hengyi" is the core strength of the UNI-POWDER brand, and our "powder path" dedicated to innovation and beauty creation is our unchanging corporate spirit.

Thank you to Jung and the industry expert review team for their continuous recognition of the UNI-POWDER product. With this heavy award, we would like to present an extraordinary birthday gift for our brand's 10th birthday.

UNI-POWDER holds great confidence and accelerates the improvement of research and marketing capabilities. We look forward to more and more companies like Aiyan Group and other outstanding companies in the industry standing on a higher and broader world stage, contributing to China's beauty industry and becoming a shining light of domestic products!

Looking ahead to the next decade, our goal is to become technical partners with more first tier brands and become leaders in world-class powder research and development production!

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The pain point of untreated lakes currently available on the market is their high oil absorption value and difficulty in dispersing. Usually, in order to produce lipsticks with high saturation and color rendering power, a large amount of toner has to be added, which increases the cost and also affects the structure of the formula and product experience. In addition, lipsticks with high toner content will make the lips dry, dry, and not hydrated enough after use.

Through years of research on the surface treatment of powders, the combination of UNI-POWDER utilizes appropriate treatment agents and processes * (authorized patent number: CN201810251554.7) to enhance the reaction activity of the powder surface, significantly reduce the oil absorption value of the lake, thereby obtaining better color rendering power and making it easier to disperse in the formula. At the same time, it effectively reduces the dissolution of pigments, improves the makeup holding effect and safety of the product.

In order to facilitate customers in reducing workshop dust pollution and improving production efficiency, we have further launched a color paste with UNI-POWDER. Without additional grinding, we can save 2/3 of production time and help you make high gloss, well moisturized, and strong color rendering lipstick, lip glaze, and other products!

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