• Uni-powder Won the Annual Most Influential Raw Material Company

Uni-powder Won the Annual Most Influential Raw Material Company

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CiE Beauty Innovation Exhibition (referred to as 'CiE') is the first beauty exhibition in China focusing on 'innovative resources.' The exhibition takes 'new technology, new aesthetics, new brands, new channels' as its positioning, creating an innovation highland in the beauty industry and a gathering place for new beauty brands. It’s the debut of Uni-powder at CiE 2024, continuously bringing new technology and products to the exchange industry expertise

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Numerous brands in China are aware that ingredients are one of the keys to the success of beauty products. As a provider specializing in the research, development, and production of high-performance cosmetics powder, Uni-powder was unexpectedly supervised and awarded an Annual Most Influential Raw Material Company by 2024 CiE.

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This prestigious award is a testament to Uni-powder's commitment to innovation and high quality. It's a motivation for us to continue exploring new horizons and bringing more surprises and possibilities to the beauty industry. Rest assured, our customer-centric approach will always ensure the delivery of higher-quality products and services.

We dedicate ourselves to launching new products annually and providing more innovative raw material solutions for many ODM and indie brands. To help the brands' products stand out, we enhance their texture, skin feel, function, efficacy, and other aspects.

For more information, please click here to learn more about the products.

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2024 CiE Beauty Awards

[Uni-powder won the Annual Most Influential Raw Material Company]

Post time: May-10-2024

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