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SG Series

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Global consumers’ demand for safe and transparent cosmetics has led to the rise of clean beauty and beauty products made with green ingredients. UNI-POWDER has developed an SG series from natural green raw materials and has undergone four years of careful development of surface treatment technology.

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Product Introduction

As ecological awareness increases, the demand for sustainable, eco-friendly cosmetic products grows sustainably.

UNI-POWDER has spent four years researching and developing surface treatment technology, resulting in the creation of a new amino acid treatment powder called the SG series. This product meets market demands and contains sodium stearoyl glutamate, a highly versatile and effective ingredient sourced from natural, organic materials. The SG series powder is certified organic by COSMOS ECOCERT and aligns with the principles of sustainable and eco-friendly development.

Key Benefits

● Green ingredients, in line with the clean beauty market trend

The SG series is derived from natural raw materials, including glutamic acid (an amino acid) and plant-derived fatty acids. It is characterized by mildness, hypoallergenic, a pH closer to that of skin, environmental friendliness, and organic certification by COSMOS ECOCERT.

● New Generation of amino acid treatment foundation powder

SG series adopts innovative wet treatment + top coating surface treatment technology, double coating aluminum hydroxide and stearoyl sodium glutamate on the surface of the powder, with excellent hydrophobicity and good oil ester compatibility, but also different from ordinary treatment powder, unique delicate,  moisturizing, and super skin affinity features. Unlike most products currently on the market, the UNI-POWDER innovatively uses an amino acid treatment agent - sodium stearoyl glutamate for surface treatment. After experimental comparison, the SG series has an advantage regardless of skin feeling or formula application performance.

SG texture by UNI-POWDER

● Delicate and moisturizing skin, creating a natural and radiant makeup finish

To meet the market's desire for base makeup that is gentle on the skin, hydrating, and offers a natural finish, a treatment agent made from amino acids found in the SG series has been utilized. This treatment agent has a natural affinity with the skin, and its unique texture, which is delicate, moisturizing, and super skin affinity, is ideal for creating a warm and smooth cream makeup formula. This base makeup formula will help you to achieve a natural and radiant makeup finish.

Recommended Application

Recommended application development in liquid foundation, powder, eyeshadow, lipstick.

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