• Indonesia Cosmetic Ingredients Exhibition Successful Closing

Indonesia Cosmetic Ingredients Exhibition Successful Closing

The ICI Indonesia exhibition was held in Surabaya, Indonesia from June 7th to 8th, with over 100 companies including United Micropowder participating.

ICI (INDONESIA COSMETIC INGREDENTS), as one of the important industry events in the Southeast Asian market, is a national level cosmetics raw material exhibition that integrates seminars and exhibitions. It provides a good interactive platform for cosmetics raw material enterprises, cosmetics production enterprises, packaging materials, machinery and other suppliers.

This exhibition attracted over 2500 professional visitors from around the world, bringing together cosmetics manufacturers, distributors, and consultants from Southeast Asia. There are also 18 seminars to explore the latest innovations in cosmetic raw materials, packaging development, and manufacturing technology improvements, among other cosmetic trends.


Joined forces with Indonesian distributors to participate in the exhibition, featuring products such as Peach Blossom Feather series, Velcro series, Physical Sunscreen series, Trulybright series, etc. The star products of Lianhe Micropowder have gained the favor of many cosmetics brands and enterprises.


Product Introduction

>>SG Peach Blossom Feather Series(Fine, Moisturizing, and Sticking)

The Peach Blossom Feather series innovatively uses an amino acid treatment agent - sodium stearoylglutamate for surface treatment, which has excellent hydrophobicity and good oil ester compatibility, and has a unique delicate, moisturizing, and comfortable skin feeling. Can be applied to develop a warm and comfortable cream foundation formula, creating a "natural mother skin".

>>TMS Velcro series(Fearless mottled welding and firm foundation makeup)

The Velcro series powder is treated with trimethylsiloxy silicate ester, which has high degree of orientation freedom, softness, smoothness, and chemical stability. To powder: resistant to strong acids, alkalis, and high temperatures, to skin: moisten the surface of the skin for adhesion.

The modified powder exhibits characteristics such as excellent oil resistance, excellent color rendering, ultra fine texture, and strong adhesion. In terms of application, TMS series products have unique advantages, especially suitable for large oil fields.

In addition, in terms of regulatory applicability, TMS series products comply with regulatory requirements in multiple regions such as China, the European Union, the United States, South Korea, Japan, ASEAN, Australia, etc.


During the two-day exhibition, hundreds of corporate representatives visited the United Micropowder booth to have a warm exchange with the founder and business personnel of the United Micropowder, observe samples, request product information, and discuss the intention of future cooperation.

Post time: Aug-31-2023

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