• The co-fun group acquires Guangzhou YuanHe Chemical, a South China-based exclusive partner of UNI-POWDER.

The co-fun group acquires Guangzhou YuanHe Chemical, a South China-based exclusive partner of UNI-POWDER.

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-Strategically expand the South China cosmetic market and reinforce powder sector leadership.

-Increase investment in R&D to provide more comprehensive raw materials and cosmetic technical services for customers.

Shanghai Co-fun Biotech

In January 2024, Guangzhou YuanHe Chemical Co., Ltd. merged with Shanghai Co-fun Biotech. Guangzhou YuanHe Chemical Co., Ltd. has been the exclusive partner of UNI-POWDER since its establishment in 2009, operating in the southern region of China. Under the leadership of General Manager Ms. Zhou Yan, Guangzhou YuanHe has focused on marketing and technical services for high-quality cosmetic raw materials in the southern region. They have established a comprehensive customer service system, including digital marketing, direct sales, and local technical support. They have gained a broad customer base and a good business reputation by adhering to a customer-centric philosophy.

With this acquisition, Co-fun has completed the total channel construction of China's cosmetic raw material market. Co-fun will continue to increase investment in the South China market, aiming to provide more suitable raw material products and faster technical services for local customers in the future.

"The South China region plays a significant role in China's beauty industry due to its diversity and importance. Our recent acquisition will help us strengthen our position in the industry by enabling us to be closer to our customers. This, in turn, will help us better understand our customers' needs and provide them with tailored solutions. By putting our customers at the center of everything we do, we aim to offer higher quality products and more comprehensive services to everyone."

——Tomy Chen, Sales director of UNI-POWDER South China Region.

Shanghai Co-fun

On January 22, Co-Fun's South China Research and Development Center in HuaDu District, Guangzhou, was completed and put into use after the acquisition. This R&D center is a significant milestone in Co-fun's efforts to expand its research and development capabilities in cosmetic powder materials and their applications. The center will further empower UNI-POWDER to develop cosmetic solutions that better suit the local market and produce high-quality Chinese raw materials. This will enable us to offer our customers high-performance products and services continuously.

"Raw materials are like the 'chips' in cosmetics. Hence, investing in independent innovation for research and development is crucial. With the launch of our R&D center, we aim to continue innovating and supporting the development of the Chinese cosmetics industry. We will uphold the values of diligence, pragmatism, and excellence and strive to create high-quality products that challenge the international monopoly on high-end powders. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the high-quality development of domestic powders."

——Sandro Pu, Founder of Uni-powder, Co-fun group


Shanghai Co-fun Biotech owns the registered trademark UNI-POWDER, one of China's leading suppliers of powder materials for cosmetics. Who focuses on researching, producing, surface treating, and applying high-performance cosmetic powders. Since our establishment in 2010, our goal at UNI-POWDER has been to prioritize customer centricity by providing one-stop-shop solutions using top-notch raw materials and formulations. Our product line includes the functional raw material for sunscreen, makeup, skincare, and powder customization services. We are committed to the spirit of craftsmanship; we hope that every makeup look can benefit from UNI-POWDER.

Post time: Feb-04-2024

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