• UNI-POWDER Brought Innovative Powder to the In-cosmetics Asia

UNI-POWDER Brought Innovative Powder to the In-cosmetics Asia

The long-awaited 2023 In-Cosmetics Asia was officially held from November 7-9 at the BITEC International Convention and Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

Innovative powders are unveiled

UNI-POWDER has always been committed to developing high-performance cosmetics powder raw materials to meet the growing needs of the cosmetics and personal care industry.

At the exhibition, UNI-POWDER showcased four exclusive innovative powders, including "Magic Long-lasting Makeup Powder," "The MOS Foundation Powder," Organic Certified “SG Series Powder," "And Trulybright Series Lake/Pearl." In addition, UNI-POWDER displays the Mineral Sunscreen Agent Series, full of UNI-POWDER's unremitting pursuit of excellent quality and innovative technology.

The Magic Long-lasting makeup powder (TMS Series) was showcased in the INNOVATION ZONE, and it caught the attention of many professional visitors due to its exceptional waterproof and sweat-resistant properties and long-lasting makeup abilities. Some visitors even went to the UNI-POWDER Exhibition Hall to converse with the staff, learn more about the intriguing "powder film cross-linking" technology, and discuss the numerous possibilities of this innovative powder.

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In-Cosmetics Asia is an opportunity for us to share our experience with professionals and industry peers worldwide to discuss the innovation and future trends of cosmetic ingredients. We thank everyone who visited our booth and shared their insights and feedback.

In the future, UNI-POWDER will continue to focus on bringing better products and more innovative technologies to more partners and cosmetics brands worldwide, so stay tuned!

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Post time: Nov-15-2023

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