• UNI-POWDER joins the RMI Officially, Commits to Only Supply Responsibly Sourced Raw Materials

UNI-POWDER joins the RMI Officially, Commits to Only Supply Responsibly Sourced Raw Materials


Joint Micropowder officially added to RMI, become a member of RMI and work together to eliminate child labor and improve working conditions in the mica supply chain.

What is RMI?

RMI - Responsible Mica Initiative, a non-governmental organization born in France in 2017.


The origin of this organization can be traced back to a landmark report on child labor in the mica industry in India published by Earth Society of the Netherlands (a leading child rights organization) in 2016.


Mica is a natural mineral with a wide range of applications. In cosmetics, "Bling Bling" can often be seen, emitting a shiny luster, which is mica. Mica minerals are mostly found in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Among them, India is the country with the largest storage of mica in the world, but why is Indian mica facing many doubts?


A children's rights movement estimates that in hundreds of small mines in northern Jakand and southern Bihar, India, at least 22000 children work in mines, with the youngest being only 5 years old. Fashion media Refiney29 once reported that these child laborers can only earn about 30 rupees a day, equivalent to about 3 yuan in Chinese yuan.

Root cause

1. Inadequate enforcement of legal framework.
2. Political instability.
3. Remote and impoverished.
4. Lack of health and education services and facilities.

But the report from Dutch Earth Society called for members of the mica supply chain to remain in the region rather than withdraw, believing that responsible companies could find a way to protect the supply chain and address the root causes of child labor and poor working conditions. As a result, RMI was officially established.


RMI members are working hard to establish a sustainable mica supply chain, build schools, provide teaching conditions for children in impoverished villages, improve food, provide clean drinking water, and provide basic living security such as medical services.

As of the end of 2018, RMI has implemented projects in 40 villages, benefiting 2500 households. By mid-2019, 80 villages and over 5300 households began to benefit from RMI organizations, including better schools and healthcare, more diverse sources of livelihood, and government services. As of May 2023, RMI membership has expanded to over 90 companies, including mica processors in Bihar and Jakand states, and internationally renowned brands such as Mercedes Benz, Est é e Lauder, L'Oreal, Shiseido, Chanel, etc. have all joined the organization.

Jointly adding micro powder to RMI


● We promise traceability and transparency in the supply chain.

● We promise to provide customers with safe and stable raw materials, not only in terms of quality but also in terms of stable supply.

● We are committed to respecting and upholding human rights throughout the entire supply chain.

● We collaborate to establish a responsible and sustainable mica supply chain free of child labor.

Combined Micropowder Mica

UNI-POWDER mica powder undergoes fine processing of the powder, resulting in better whiteness and higher purity. Fine scale like crystals, soft and smooth, with a silky luster.
Recommended application: As a filler (also known as a base material) in foundation and makeup formulas to improve smoothness and glossiness.

UNI mica series

>>SG Peach Blossom Feather Series Mica Powder

Features: Fine and Moisturizing Paste.
Particle size: 12-16 µm.
INCI: Mica&Aluminum hydroxide&Sodium stearoyl glutamate.


>>LL Ice Cream Series Mica Powder

Features: Skin friendly and moisturizing.
Particle size: 12-16 µm.
INCI: Mica&Lauroyl lysine.


>>ITD Edelweiss Series Mica Powder

Feature: matte matte finish.
Particle size: 12-16 µm.
INCI: Mica&Isopropyl titanium tristearate&Dimethicone.


>>AS alkyl silicon treated mica powder

UNI-MICA 1250AS/1500AS.
Features: Good oil dispersion.
Particle size: 12-16 µm/7-11 µm.
INCI: Mica&Triethoxyoctylsilane.


The new mica series is coming soon!


Post time: Aug-31-2023

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