• The Charm of Raw Materials from China

The Charm of Raw Materials from China

2023 In-Cosmetics Latin America

The 2023 In-Cosmetics Latin America Ingredients Exhibition is in full swing in beautiful Sao Paulo, Brazil. UNI-POWDER takes you to this beauty feast across the 11-hour time difference from China.

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What’s the new product at

In-cosmetics Latin America

The industry gala showcased new trends and innovations in beauty and emphasized Brazil's potential for growth. As a high-performance supplier of cosmetics raw materials in China, UNI-POWDER offers innovative technology for powder surface treatment and hundreds of formula systems that have been thoroughly tested for long-term stability. This provides a wide range of possibilities for cosmetics companies operating in this market. 

Uni-powder's inorganic sunscreen agent, also known as mineral sunscreen, is an excellent choice for people who want to care for their skin. This hypoallergenic, non-irritating sunscreen is gentle and improves the texture of your skin, leaving you feeling comfortable, bidding farewell to heavy and sticky, and safe in the sun.

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Additionally, as a diverse country, Brazilian consumers tend to opt for bold, personalized, and colorful makeup. UNI-POWDER's Trulybright series has garnered much attention due to its unique high saturation features and brilliant colors. The Trulybright lake paste series has made it one of the star products of the exhibition, thanks to its advantages of fast production, high efficiency, easy dispersion, and ease of use.

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Chinese raw materials, more than innovation

UNI-POWDER has always focused on high-performance cosmetic powders.

As a member of China's raw materials, UNI-POWDER has always focused on the R&D and production of high-quality powders. Developing Chinese raw materials has brought more innovative options and new vitality and impetus to the global cosmetics and personal care industry.

This year's Sao Paulo Cosmetics Exhibition, UNI-POWDER, is expected to expand global cosmetics companies' possibilities. We look forward to more raw material innovation and cooperation opportunities and offer a "micro" force to the international cosmetics and personal care industry to witness the brilliant future of cosmetics together!

Post time: Nov-15-2023

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