• A Dry Skin Beloved, Moisture Glossy Foundation Powder

MOS Series

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UNI-POWDER rolls out A dry skin beloved, Moisture-glossy foundation powder: The MOS series.

This innovative product utilizes a special silane treatment agent to create a unique cage structure that delivers exceptional benefits such as double moisture, high gloss, and superb skin.

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Do you struggle with applying makeup during autumn and winter due to your dry skin? Are you frustrated with your makeup cracking, appearing dry, and causing skin issues such as card lines and bursting skin? If your skin lacks moisture, it can't correctly hold onto base makeup products, causing a less-than-perfect appearance.

The MOS series powder is specially designed for dry skin. It comes with an innovative silane treatment agent called Triethoxysilylethyl Polydimethylsiloxyethyl Dimethicone (MOS).

Unlike other treatment agents that use branched sub-chain silicone oil, MOS uses several long branched chains to form a unique cage structure that creates a ring around the powder-like snow, including a soft treatment layer. This treatment layer allows water molecules to move only outside the powder, while oil molecules can move inside and outside the powder and freely shuttle between the branches, providing unprecedented moisture.


Schematic diagram of the MOS series

Key Benefits

● As light as a snowflake, melts when applied to your face

The MOS series powder has a lower density, making it fluffier and softer. Additionally, it appears more transparent and thinner when formulated. Due to its superior absorption, it can quickly form a film on the skin's surface, providing excellent absorbability while moisturizing and enabling clear and natural makeup application.

● Special cage structure, double moisture, more luster

The MOS series powder has special surface treatment technology, so the pigment powder can show excellent dispersion and good affinity with most oils. Its oil absorption value is lower than triethoxy-octylsilane series, the skin feeling is more lubricated, and the formula design space is larger.

The modified particular branch chain silicone oil makes this series of powder highly moist, moist and also brings ultra-high gloss to the formula

Recommended Application

Development in liquid foundation, air cushion, loose powder, etc.

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