• Skinification Bloom Series

Skinification Bloom Series

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Skincare ingredients are crucial for building the trust of consumers, and “Skinification” is emerging as a Megatrend. According to the data, consumers in Europe and America are increasingly seeking makeup that enhances beauty and benefits the skin. In China, there is a strong emphasis on the functional and skincare aspects of facial makeup products, particularly base makeup. With the growing focus on skin health, Chinese consumers are expected to drive the potential of skincare makeup further. In response, UNI-POWDER has introduced a series that aligns with the “Skinification” trend: the Bloom series. This series contains dual green skincare ingredients as modifiers, and its scientific formula is gaining more market opportunities.

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In the "skinification of makeup era," skincare ingredients have become a pivotal focus for consumers. Our skin faces daily challenges due to aging and environmental factors, making it imperative to address the aging process. With age or the onset of symptoms, the decline in ceramide levels in the skin weakens the skin barrier, resulting in dry, lackluster, and flawed skin.

For this purpose, Uni-Powder has developed a green nourishing makeup powder raw material: The Bloom series (CER). Its double effective skincare ingredients ceramide and Jojoba ester as surface modifiers, highly similar and compatible with sebum, from the fundamental to achieve a skincare makeup product, effectively soothing skin, moisture retention, and strengthening the barrier. The light texture and natural ingredients nourish the skin and give it a natural glow.

In addition, the modified powder's preparation process adopts a combination of physical mixing treatment, which does not involve the use and waste of many solvents. The selected surface modifiers were fermentation-derived or plant-based, with an ISO 16128 natural source index of 1. In addition, the modified powder has good regulatory compliance in the EU, China, and other regions.

Key Benefits

● Skin caring makeup powder with a moisturizing and soothing function

Ceramide, which is identical to the structure of human skin, has been proven to improve skin condition and strengthen the skin barrier significantly. Third-party testing has shown that surface-treated powders can achieve skincare benefits, effectively soothing the skin, locking in moisture, and maintaining the skin barrier. The integration of makeup and skincare has been realized, transforming cosmetics into products that offer more than just "instant" effects.

● For a glow with hydration, natural healthy look

Lightweight texture, natural ingredients, nourishing for the skin, presenting a natural, healthy radiance.

● Excellent dispersibility, good stability

The Bloom series powder demonstrates improved dispersibility and stability in various types of oils and fats. It is resistant to acid, alkali, and high temperatures. The powder effectively addresses the challenge of ceramides being difficult to dissolve in the water phase and prone to crystallization or flocculation in cosmetic formulations. This enhances the stability of ceramides in cosmetic products and improves the skin feel upon application.

Recommended Application

Recommended application development in the foundation, powder, loose powder, makeup primer, etc.

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