• Silica/ Hydrated Silica

Silica/ Hydrated Silica

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Cosmetic grade silica, uniform granules, good oil absorption. Application: can be used in foundation, make-up formula to improve skin texture, make smooth and delicate makeup finish.
Hydrated Silica(SiO2>97%) has good dispersibility, which can be dispersed in water, polyol and oil.

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Can be used in foundation, make-up formula as adsorbing material, has an effect of lubrication. It is safe to use.

Product Introduction

Series Code                 Product Name Surface Property Particle Size Oil Absorption
TMS Series 611937                      UNI-Sil 802TMS  Oil dispersible 7-8 µm 85-125g/100g*
INCI: Silica & Methicone & Trimethylsiloxysilicate
Untreated 611909S              UNI-SIL 701 Water & Oil dispersible 6-9 µm 75-110g/100g*
611915S UNI-SIL 801 7-8 µm 140-150ml/100g*
611901S              UNI-SIL 901 6-9 µm 60-90g/100g*
611907S               UNI-SIL 52 4-6 µm 250-350g/100g^
INCI: Silica
Treatment 611910S                  UNI-SIL 702SI   Oil dispersible 6-9 µm 55-80g/100g*
INCI: Silica & Triethoxycaprylylsilane & Dimethicone
611913S UNI-SIL 802SI  Oil dispersible 7-8 µm 115-125ml/100g*
611902S      UNI-SIL 902SI 6-9 µm 60-90g/100g*
INCI: Silica & Methicone
Untreated 611908S              UNI-SIL 60 Water & Oil dispersible 4.0 µm 80-105g/100g^
INCI: Hydrated Silica

* Test Oil: liquid paraffin.

^ Test Oil: GTCC.

Silica/Hydrated silica series can, instead of plastic microsphere.

Micro-porous silica.

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