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For easy makeup removal, floating powder, oil, and other base makeup problems, as a powder material innovator, UNI-POWDER combined from the root to consider the makeup scheme, with “velcro “strong adhesion as inspiration, to design a super grip effect makeup powder – The TMS series. Not fear of taking off makeup.

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Product Introduction

As raw material powder of cosmetics for sensory enhancement, the TMS series chose trimethylsiloxysilicate to be the special treatment agent. It is a silicone polymer with Si-O and Si (CH3) 3 bonds. It has a significant degree of freedom of orientation, is smooth, and has good chemical stability. The treatment technology plays a role in the contact surface, enhancing the grasping force. The treatment agent helps the powder to grasp the skin by intermolecular force. TMS series powder resists strong acids, alkalis, and high temperatures. Meanwhile, it can moisturize the skin surface for better grasping. The modified powder shows a series of benefits, such as oil repellency properties, excellent color development, ultra-fine, and grasping solid force.

TMS powder compared with common one

In addition, UNI-POWDER uses the film-forming agent to pretreat powder technically, reducing the amount of film-forming agent and bringing a better film-forming effect. Compared with the amount of film-forming agents in the formula, this modified treatment method only needs to add a few as pretreatment agents, significantly improving the film-forming effect. There is almost an order of magnitude difference between the two types of production process. Therefore, the TMS series has unique advantages in terms of cost and application. Regarding regulation area, the TMS series meets the regulatory requirements of China, the European Union, the United States, South Korea, Japan, ASEAN, Australia, and other countries.

Key Benefits

● Unique bidirectional adsorption technology

By using innovative surface treatment technology, to the inside, grasp the powder firmly. Meanwhile, on the outside, it can absorb our skin well and presents an excellent makeup-holding effect.

Moreover, we have already obtained a patent in China for the technology. (Patent Number:  ZL 202111407350.6).

● Powder film cross-linking, developing long-lasting makeup

Powder with film crosslinking, forming a complete film network, is more skin-friendly and more firm. Better adsorption ability, strong oil resistance, and super water repellency properties help to create waterproof and anti-sweat long-lasting makeup.

● Excellent Color Strength and Performance brightens makeup

TMS series pigments have a bright, clean, and greater color saturation, And presents excellent color strength and performance. Besides, good dispersibility and compatibility can improve our production efficiency.

Recommended Application

Recommended application development in liquid foundation, powder, eyeshadow, lipstick, loose powder, etc.

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