• Boron Nitride

Boron Nitride

Short Description:

High grade boron nitride is a pure, soft and smooth cosmetic material powder, giving porcelain-like gloss and soft silky sensory. It provides excellent spread ability, soft texture, nice gloss and comfortable adherence.
As a leading boron nitride supplier, UNI-POWDER provides boron nitride with different particle size and competitive price. Except traditional mechanical mill, our new wet peeling technology makes boron nitride flake thinner and smoother.

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Can be used in foundation and make-up formula to improve sensory and glossiness.

Product Introduction

The smaller the particle size, the whiter it is (2-5μm), and the larger the particle size, the brighter it is to flash slightly(10-35μm).

Key Benefits:

Pure and Smooth Powder with a Soft Texture.
Excellent Spread: Ability, Nice Gloss, and Comfortable Adherence.
Improving Sensory and Glossiness in Foundation and Make-Up Formula.

UNI-BN whole series passed the microbiological and heavy metal detection, with BN boron oxide within standards.

Series Code Product Name Surface Property Particle Size
Untreated 608101SM UNI-BN 300 Oil dispersible 2-5µm
608106SM UNI-BN 600 4-7µm
608114SM UNI-BN 650 5-7µm
608112SM UNI-BN 1200 10-14µm
608113SM UNI-BN 1350 9-11µm
608102SM UNI-BN 2831 28-35µm

INCI: Boron Nitride

Dimethicone Treatment 608401 UNI-BN 300 DM Silicone dispersible 2-5µm
608404 UNI-BN 1200DM 10-14µm
INCI: Boron Bitride & Dimethicone
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