• Marshmallow Series

Marshmallow Series

Short Description:

As the second-generation upgrade version of the Sherfon series, the Marshmallow series inherits the characteristics of hydrophobicity and lipophobic of the first generation and is upgraded again regarding hydrophobicity to achieve super-hydrophobic. The innovative surface treatment technology also brings the characteristics of moisturizing and lasting moisture.

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Product Introduction

Marshmallow series has super water repellency and oil repellency properties, which brings long wearing make-up effect. The innovative Marshmallow double surface treatment technology offers superior skin affinity benefit to foundation sensory. It is recommended to use in luxurious moisturizing and nourishing makeup products.

*No PFPAS, PFOA, PFOS contained.
Surface treatment agent: perfluorooctyl triethoxysilane & hydrogenated lecithin.


Key Benefits

● Marshmallow Long Wearing.
● Foundation Powders.
● Super Hydrophobic & Lipophobic Surface Properties.
● Sweat & Sebum Repellency.
● Unique skin affinity, Luxurious Moisturizing & Nourishing.

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