• The Ice Cream Series Can Create Crystal-Clear, Natural-Looking Makeup And Smooth Skin Affinity With Green Surface Treatment.

Ice Cream Series

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Inspired by the softness and smoothness of ice cream, the ice cream series powder adopts a high content of laurel lysine for surface treatment. The treatment agent comes from natural sources, has good biodegradability, and is safe and mild, making the powder more skin affinity and bringing skin adhesion and moisturization advantages.

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Product Introduction

Because of the combination of the treatment agent and the color powder surface of the flake structure, the ice cream series powder successfully combines the advantages of titanium dioxide and flake shape treatment agent to reduce the friction coefficient. It not only plays the covering role of titanium dioxide itself but also compensates for the astringent feeling and weak adhesion caused by its granular shape, increasing the powder's smoothness, skin affinity, and bonding.

Most importantly, the special wet treatment improves the compatibility between the powder and the skin so that the ice cream powder series can achieve the makeup effect of light and naked makeup in the case of high powder content in the formulation application. The low makeup characteristics also provide ample space for adding powder content, satisfying the needs of those seeking higher concealer and achieving a refreshing and nude makeup effect.


Key Benefits

● EWG-certified green surface treatment agent

Amino acid source treatment agent, lauryl lysine is an amino acid derivative with antioxidant properties. This results in a smooth, low-friction and hydrophobic powder that feels great on the skin.

● Resistant to water and sweat, enhance product durability

The compound is used to precipitate on the particle surface to form one or more layers of "coating" or "envelope", showing good hydrophobicity.

● Smooth as silk, strong skin affinity

The combination of treatment agent and titanium dioxide forms a unique sheet structure, with excellent fluidity and ductility, overcomes the astringent feeling of traditional powder, and increases the smooth feeling and skin adhesion of powder.

● Clear and natural makeup

With the low makeup characteristics of the ice cream series, there is more room for adding powder content to the formula. This allows for achieving a light and natural makeup effect even with high powder content.

Recommended Application

Recommended for concealer and powder products, it can create natural naked makeup and say goodbye to "mask face."

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* This "ice cream" is not edible ice cream and is only used to describe the series of physical properties.

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