• Edelweiss Series

Edelweiss Series

Short Description:

Edelweiss series, with excellent hydrophobicity and lipophilicity, strong acid and alkali resistance, also offers a soft focus effect. Can produce stable low viscosity foundation products, creating a natural matte finish.

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Product Introduction

Edelweiss series has excellent water repellency and wide pH tolerance. It provides soft focus effect to foundation formula. It is recommended to develop fluid foundation of low viscosity. It also creates visible blur effect, to realize natural matte makeup finish.
Surface treatment agent:  isopropyl titanium triisostearate & dimethicone.

Key Benefits:
● Create Mist Finish.
● Hazy Translucent.
● Lightweight Texture.
● The Best Dispersibility, Wider pH Tolerance Range.
● Recommendation: Foundation.


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